Nicki de Souza - Director
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Footprint Architecture and Design, established in August of 2015, recognises a growing need within the industry where the client’s vision and investment is handled in a truly professional manner and is afforded the necessary energy, time and attention that an exclusive design requires. We address this by dedicating an established professional to your project, from design inception through to building completion. This facilitates in a streamlined, thorough and holistic process which culminates in an exceptional final product.

This client-focused approach ensures undivided attention, constant collaboration, expert guidance and a meaningful working relationship with your architect, thus resulting in a memorable and rewarding experience for you the client.


Our design ethos revolves around the principle use of space. We identify primary spaces, understand the intention of that space and allow the function and use of these spaces to define a buildings form. Majority of time is spent within a space or building, therefore concentrating on creating meaningful, memorable and efficient interactions between the spaces and the immediate environment in which it is placed is our primary intent.

Once the relationship between these spaces has been defined, aesthetics to these forms can be implemented to the client’s desired look and feel.

Allowing this natural configuration of form, insightful use of space, lends itself to a less obtrusive and more conscious friendly footprint to the surrounding environment, attributing to a bespoke design.